Senior Man Relaxing In Hammock
Filbert Mayo Taking a Break at His Summer Cabin

Filbert Mayo is a down-to-earth guy who lives in the sunny southwest. You can see from the photo above that he likes to get away from the heat at his summer cabin in the mountains…his favorite spot being a hammock under the trees, where he can daydream to his heart’s content. In the winter it becomes a winter cabin, when he and his family enjoy building snowmen, cross-country skiing, and sitting by the fireside in the evenings making s’mores and telling scary stories.

He enjoys painting, spending time with the kiddos, riding his horses, raising Rottweiler puppies, and fixing up his house in his spare time.

Filbert always had a a penchant for writing, but no real outlet, so he finally decided to try a WordPress blog, which has worked out just fine.

He has lots of interests and likes to share them. They include:

Dentistry – Filbert wanted to become a dentist when he was a kid, but things didn’t work out. No matter, he still pays a lot of attention to what is going on in the world of dentistry. And of course he, his wife and kids have perfect teeth!

Business – Instead of dentistry, Filbert ended up in the world of business and became a financial advisor. He enjoys helping others manage their money, and recently moved away from the bank he worked for and bought his own book of business, which gives him more freedom.

Education -With 3 kids, and a wife who is an elementary schoolteacher, Filbert is vitally interested in the world of education.

Pets – Who doesn’t love pets! Dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish…Filbert has them all. It makes for a busy household.

Summer Camp – Filbert’s kids love their summer camp experiences! As a big proponent of letting kids experience all they can, he makes sure they get to attend summer camp every year in addition to spending time at their cabin in the mountains.


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